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We started working together in 2017 through finding a joint love of this approach. We thoroughly enjoy the collaboration and have developed various online and in-person workshops, going from strength to strength. We have both worked extensively with Sei-ki and other forms of personal development for many years, and are on a mission to meet life as it is in all its colour and intensity and continue to find ways of helping others do the same. Through Sei-ki we came across Katsugen, the Japanese art of surrender, and this has been crucial for our understanding of this approach. It triggered our curiosity and fascination for the deeper truth that lies within each of us. Finding that others loved it too, we decided to explore ways to bring this to a wider audience and share the benefits… and the fun!

Alice Whieldon has been working in the field for over 30 years. She co-authored Sei-ki: Life in Resonance, the Secret Art of Shiatsu (2011) with Kishi Akinobu and wrote, Mind Clearing: The Key to Mindfulness Mastery (2016) as well as numerous articles. She offers workshops, training and one-to-one sessions in Sei-ki and Clearing internationally. Alice is based in the UK.

René Fix has been learning Taiji, Shiatsu and Sei-ki since 2003 and is the owner of the kiCollege, an established institute for Shiatsu- and Sei-ki-training in Germany. He is a full time bodywork practitioner and teacher, based in Leipzig, Germany.

Can you surrender?

In fact you are already surrendered. At least mostly.

You breathe, your heart beats, your stomach digests, you get older. This all happens without your conscious doing. It happens as life unfolds. 

Surrendering from a conscious state is different though. And it is very powerful to bring this into your life. The result being more in life, more alive, more feeling and more aware.

Our mission is to help you open this door and let in the light. We have worked with hundreds of people and look forward to meeting you in your perfect individuality and pure nature. 

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