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Sei-ki in Spain with APSE, with Alice Whieldon & Nick Pole

May 4 - May 7

In many temples in Japan, at the centre of the
altar is a round mirror. The purpose of all our
practice, it seems to say, is to see ourselves more
clearly. The more we polish the mirror, the more
clearly we see who we really are.
The idea of ‘mirroring’ is common to many kinds
of therapy: that the practitioner is not trying to
change or fix a problem but is simply reflecting
back whatever the client brings into the space.
When we see ourselves more clearly, changes we
have been longing for can begin to unfold
naturally in our everyday life. In this workshop,
Alice will explore this idea of mirroring through
Sei-ki, and with Nick we’ll look at how Clean
Language can help our clients reflect with clarity
on what each Shiatsu session has to offer them.
To be a good mirror, of course, you also need a
good heart. Mirrors reflect things exactly as they
are. As practitioners, the more we can welcome
whatever emerges in a treatment, the more our
clients can see their true reflection. In this
workshop we’ll use the playful qualities of
improvisation and the disciplined focus of Sei-ki to
help you look into that mirror, and be the mirror in
which your clients can see themselves more clearly.


Almeria, Spain
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