The Basics of Clearing

Norwich Wellbeing Centre Norwich, UK, United Kingdom

Whether you work in a therapeutic setting already or want to improve your relationships and reduce reactivity & distress, this is a wonderful training in life and its fulfilment. You will develop communication skills, learn about the mind and experience authentic relating in a held environment. This is a tried and tested programme with a […]


Sei-ki on the Edge: a Sei-ki Residential with Alice Whieldon & Alexandra Gelny

BergZendo , Austria

Join us on the edge for this Sei-ki retreat in the Austrian hills On the Hohe Wand/High Wall hills South West of Vienna we will meet together for 3 days of Sei-ki. Never knowing what is to what really is....looking for the edge. Catch the feeling of Sei-ki; expand and clarify your attention. Alice […]

Sei-ki in Hamburg: Exploring Ki-Do-Ma Alice Whieldon; Translation & Assistance: Alexandra Gelny

Schule fuer Shiatsu Hamburg, Germany, Germany

Ki-do-ma - right time, right quantity, right space. Vital elements of both Shiatsu and Sei-ki. Without these our work is reduced to ideas and techniques; with ki-do-ma our practice has the chance to enter another realm. The skilful practitioner refines and clarifies themselves so the mind/body knows sees and feels where to touch, experiences in […]