Sei-ki Intensive Freiburg with Alice Whieldon & Rene Fix

Freiburg K12 Katharinenstraße 12, Freiburg, Germany

Sei-ki Training with Alice & René. Sei-ki is an evolution of shiatsu, as well as a return to the origin. It is the work with the empty space, the simple-being and the non-doing. Sei-ki was developed by Akinobu Kishi, a close and longtime student of Masunaga. There is no fixed system in which sei-ki is […]

Sei-ki Graz, Austria with Alice Whieldon

ISSO Graz, Austria

We say that health is when the centre of gravity is in its original place; like a child’s spinning top that is perfectly balanced in motion. This situation is a state of mind, emotion and body. When the centre of gravity is properly rooted, the spirit is at ease, the vision clear; we are free […]

The Basics of Clearing

Norwich Wellbeing Centre Norwich, UK, United Kingdom

Whether you work in a therapeutic setting already or want to improve your relationships and reduce reactivity & distress, this is a wonderful training in life and its fulfilment. You will develop communication skills, learn about the mind and experience authentic relating in a held environment. This is a tried and tested programme with a […]


The ‘Enlightenment Intensive’ with Alice Whieldon

Sheringham Youth Hostel Sheringham, Norfolk, United Kingdom

If you don't know what is true, then to some degree, life will be confusing, messy and distressing. But a brush with samadhi, fleeting or deep, will give you a glimpse of Truth beyond the constructs of mind which will always thereafter be a touchstone and guide. The Enlightenment Intensive (EI) retreat was first run […]


Sei-ki on the Edge: a Sei-ki Residential with Alice Whieldon & Alexandra Gelny

BergZendo , Austria

Join us on the edge for this Sei-ki retreat in the Austrian hills On the Hohe Wand/High Wall hills South West of Vienna we will meet together for 3 days of Sei-ki. Never knowing what is to what really is....looking for the edge. Catch the feeling of Sei-ki; expand and clarify your attention. Alice […]

Sei-ki in Hamburg: Exploring Ki-Do-Ma Alice Whieldon; Translation & Assistance: Alexandra Gelny

Schule fuer Shiatsu Hamburg, Germany, Germany

Ki-do-ma - right time, right quantity, right space. Vital elements of both Shiatsu and Sei-ki. Without these our work is reduced to ideas and techniques; with ki-do-ma our practice has the chance to enter another realm. The skilful practitioner refines and clarifies themselves so the mind/body knows sees and feels where to touch, experiences in […]