Sei-ki Training, London & Online

Helios Centre London, UK

June - November 2021 Athens: 3 live-streamed, online classes, in-person practice group at Zen Centre Athens & 3 online meetings London: 3 in-person workshops, practice schedule & 3 online meetings Online only: 3 live, online classes , practice schedule & 3 online meetings Cost: Athens: 270,00 € London: £480 (due in full on booking) Online […]


Sei-ki Intensive

kiCollege Heidelberg Bergheimer Str 147, Heidelberg, Germany

Sei-ki is an evolution of shiatsu, as well as a return to the origin. It is the work with the empty space, the simple-being and the non-doing. Sei-ki was developed by Akinobu Kishi, a close and longtime student of Masunaga. There is no fixed system in which sei-ki is taught. The challenge is to find […]


Sei-ki in Hamburg: the power of no-agenda touch & safe hands

Schule fuer Shiatsu Hamburg, Germany

Sei-ki is both simple and profound.  We work to understand how life is for each individual person, without trying to fix them.  This is powerful medicine.  Being truly present and recognizing the uniqueness of this moment with this person can take a lifetime to perfect, yet even a complete beginner can offer the quietude and […]


Sei-ki: Manchester

Bodywise The Buddhist Centre, Manchester, UK

Be strong then, and enter into your own body; there you have a solid place for your feet. Think about it carefully! Don’t go off somewhere else! Kabir says this: just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm in that which you are.  This workshop will include the basics of Sei-ki touch […]


Sei-ki: Feeling the Way – Movement & Touch

Taiji Schule Jena Jena, Germany

This workshop is a collaboration with the Taiji Schule, Jena. We will be exploring spontaneous movement, surrender and touch. As such we hope it will be of interest to students of taiji, chi gong, martial arts and any other movement art who are interested in developing their skills into partnered and touch work. This is […]


Sei-ki: Renewal & Surrender

Norwich Wellbeing Centre Norwich, UK

Sei-ki is radical bodywork, connecting to flow. This workshop will focus on renewal through letting go of meaning structures and meeting ourselves and each other afresh. We do this through no-agenda touch, exercises to develop sensitivity, solo and partnered Surrenderwork, sharing and discussion. The workshop is open to anyone interested in this approach. Many attendees […]


Sei-ki: Facilitators’ Workshop

Norwich Wellbeing Centre Norwich, UK

This course is for those who have some experience of Sei-ki and wish to take the work deeper, either for personal or professional development. It is specifically designed to support those wishing to set up practice groups and offer Sei-ki workshops. The workshop will focus on how to support and facilitate others in developing Sei-ki. […]


Sei-ki Intensive Heidelberg

kiCollege Heidelberg Bergheimer Str 147, Heidelberg, Germany

With Alice Whieldon & Rene Fix