Sei-ki Jena, Germany with Alice Whieldon & Claudia Sonnefeld

Taiji Schule Jena Jena, Germany

We say that health is when the centre of gravity is in its original place; like a child’s spinning top that is perfectly balanced in motion. This situation is a state of mind, emotion and body. When the centre of gravity is properly rooted, the spirit is at ease, the vision clear; we are free […]

Sei-ki Intensive Freiburg with Alice Whieldon & Rene Fix

Freiburg K12 Katharinenstraße 12, Freiburg

Sei-ki Training with Alice & René. Sei-ki is an evolution of shiatsu, as well as a return to the origin. It is the work with the empty space, the simple-being and the non-doing. Sei-ki was developed by Akinobu Kishi, a close and longtime student of Masunaga. There is no fixed system in which sei-ki is […]