Sei-ki in Athens with KiSynergy with Alice Whieldon

Zen Centre Athens, Greece, Greece

Immerse yourself in Sei-ki for 4 days in the beautiful Zen Centre, in the heart of this ancient city. This is an intensive workshop for those who want to explore […]

Clearing Taster Evening 5th Sept (4pm UK, 5pm CET)

Online , United Kingdom

Please note, UK people, this event begins at 4pm. It is 5pm for Central Europe Clearing addresses the suffering people experience from mental, emotional and relationship distress. It is based […]

Sei-ki Intensive Freiburg with Alice Whieldon & Rene Fix

Freiburg K12 Katharinenstraße 12, Freiburg, Germany

Sei-ki Training with Alice & René. Sei-ki is an evolution of shiatsu, as well as a return to the origin. It is the work with the empty space, the simple-being […]

Sei-ki Graz, Austria with Alice Whieldon

ISSO Graz, Austria

We say that health is when the centre of gravity is in its original place; like a child’s spinning top that is perfectly balanced in motion. This situation is a […]

The Basics of Clearing

Norwich Wellbeing Centre Norwich, UK, United Kingdom

Whether you work in a therapeutic setting already or want to improve your relationships and reduce reactivity & distress, this is a wonderful training in life and its fulfilment. You […]


The ‘Enlightenment Intensive’ with Alice Whieldon

Sheringham Youth Hostel Sheringham, Norfolk, United Kingdom

If you don't know what is true, then to some degree, life will be confusing, messy and distressing. But a brush with samadhi, fleeting or deep, will give you a […]