“If you like meditation, you will love Surrenderwork.
If you DON’T like meditation, you will love it even MORE. “

If you think it would be good for you to get into meditation but feel weary at the very idea of all that discipline….this could be just what you’ve been looking for. Give yourself a break…let go, for a little while, of the idea that you’re in control.

In our introductory course we invite you to try a little taste of surrender in your own home!! You will be shown the basic preparatory exercises and led through a 10 minute practice.

If you like it, be our guest and continue to use the mini-course as often as you like to support you in taking a little holiday from doing, whenever you wish.

And… if you would like a little company on your journey, join the international surrender community for our free online Wednesday practice.

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Join our free online course or step right into the 8-week Surrender Project, to uncover your original self and cultivate a deep practice of letting go into life.

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Join us for an intense experience at one of our live workshops to develop your personal practice and learn partnered surrender work and Sei-ki.