Join us for our free monthly online live Surrender Session

These sessions are open for anyone

First-timers please watch the intro video above.
The sessions will be about 60 minutes and will have the following structure:


(1) Check in
(2) Sit in silence
(3) 30 Min Surrender Practice
(4) Reflect in the group
(5) Check out


You will need a quiet space, where you won’t be interrupted.
It is good to have some space around you, so you can be safe and free to practice.
The session will be held in English and is free of cost.

How to take part in the next session

  • You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone and stable internet connection.
  • The practice session runs through Zoom.
  • Be in a safe and quiet space.
  • Make sure you have gone through the intro video above.
  • Click on the date shortly before 19:45 CET (6.45 pm UK-time)
    12th Apr
    26th Apr
    10th Mai
    24th Mai
    7th Jun
    21st Jun
    5th Jul 
  • And you are in


I experience this wonderful feeling of allowing myself to trust. In the treatment there is resonance and it doesn’t matter anymore that there is two of us. I feel a deep connection. For me Sei-ki has always been a permission to be curious and to allow myself to follow this curiosity. It's a very natural curiosity about wanting to be in this world in this present moment. 

Alexandra, Austria

I follow my inner feeling and my body starts to show me, how and where it wants to be stretched. And this just happens and evolves. And then it feels so great, when it goes out of my body. The tension leaves me. I am not so tight anymore. My temper is better, my digestion is better. It feels so good. 

Elisabeth, Austria