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“In Surrenderwork we set out to appreciate the situation as it is, so we can be free to move on.”


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The therapeutic art of Shiatsu is now widely practised in the West, yet practitioners find it difficult to acquire the training that will take them beyond the mechanistic level.

​For many years Akinobu Kishi had been visiting the West to teach, but never before has his approach been recorded in book form.

Mind Clearing: the key to mindfulness mastery. by Alice Whieldon with foreword by Lawrence Noyes, Singing Dragon 2016.

This is the first book ever written about Mind Clearing, the counselling style work associated with the Enlightenment Intensive. It offers a model of the mind in line with Patanjali’s famous Yoga Sutra, the levels of the mind and the Mind Clearing approach to dismantling the mind.

​It links the work with mindfulness and is a guide to taking the next step into more fulfilling communication and relationships.

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