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We invite anyone, who is organizing a local practice group for Sei-ki-exchange to send us the information, so we can share it here. Just send us a message.

You can find practicegroups in:

Wiesbaden, Germany

We meet quarterly for a whole day, Sundays 10:30 am – 6:00 pm in the beautiful rooms of a Shiatsu practice in Wiesbaden. There is everything we need for practicing and exchanging and space for up to 10 participants.

Contact: Kerstin Jeuck – and Wolfgang Härtel –

Cologne / Köln, Germany

We meet on a Sunday, quarterly from 11-16

Contact: Henrike Brauckmann –

Athens, Greece

We meet once a month.

Contact: Panayiota Polychroni-Giannino –

Graz, Austria

We meet on an irregular basis at ISSÖ in Graz.

We meet monthly on Friday evening, 18:00-20:30.
These are the exact dates:

Contact: Elisabeth Jessenig-Mayer

Vienna, Austria

We meet once a month, every second Wednesday or Friday of the month (alternating).

Contact: Alexandra Gelny or Nicole Wessely

Totnes, Devon, UK

We meet on the first Thursday of the Month

Contact: Daniela Coronelli

West London, UK

We meet on an irregular basis

Next meetings are:
28 April 2023
2nd June 2023

Contact: Sarah Hill


We meet on an irregular basis

Next meetings are:
28th May
25th June
23rd July

Contact: Clare

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