Soul Medicine – a reflection on Sei-ki

Jan 1, 2021Allgemein

A short reflection on Sei-ki as a commitment to the Truth of how things are.

Soul Medicine – a reflection on Sei-ki

by Alice Whieldon


‘Soul’ refers to the unchanging, original self.   Mostly our souls are obscured by the drama of mind and body/emotion.  We are identified with the activity of mind and body, but this is not who we really are.  Who we really are is the unchanging bit.  

In soul medicine, we work with the mind and body, but we do not work for the benefit of mind and body.  We call to the true individual.  As the true individual, the soul, wakes up, it lets go of mind/body identification itself and problems fall away.  

The practitioner does not do the work for the client.  This would be impossible anyway.  You cannot cure the soul because there is no-thing to cure.  Only the true individual can choose to change.  Unless the person is making this change themselves, the original problem will simply re-emerge in some other way.

The job of the soul doctor is to call to the soul, buried under layers of mind and emotion.  As the original self comes to the front, distortions become less relevant.  Health issues resolve but even when they do not, the relationship with them changes.  

When the soul is in charge, life has less drama.  Relationships improve because there is less mind and less emotion (body) getting in the way of contact.  When relationships go better, life is more fulfilling. Fulfilment is health. 

To practice soul medicine takes one thing: commitment to the truth of how things are.  Soul medicine is about coming home.  It is awakening to the mundane beauty of now.