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“Surrenderwork is the perfect practice for people who are tired of trying and forcing. It is pure surrender. Enjoy the flow!”

Return to your-SELF

Most of what we do in life is willful. We use our willpower to achieve things in work, in play or in self-development. And this is often beneficial!  We need our willpower and it’s great to have clear purpose and the mental focus to achieve our goals.

However, we often over-cook the willpower and burn out, pushing ourselves beyond our real desire. We end up forcing aspects of life in a fixed mode of doing until we lose our whole-hearted pleasure and life becomes more of a ‘to do’ list than a joyous exploration.

Surrenderwork brings you back to yourself and helps you recover your authentic movement from within. It’s easy. And once you find this deep reconnection, you tap into your personal guidance and are free to enjoy life as it evolves from and with you.

Personal practice

You can practise surrender by yourself to regain your sensitivity for the best engagement with life in all its fullness. This is easy and not so easy to learn. Easy because there really is nothing to do – no skill to learn – no task to fulfill. Not so easy because non-doing is tricky to grasp and implement. Your mind wants action. Your ego wants results. But in the end there is joy in surrender and coming back to your centre.

Partnered practice

Surrender can also be practised with a partner, helping to deepen your solo practice. Taking turns to hold the space for each other, using simple, unobtrusive touch, we support sensitivity and awareness. And of course it’s a great way to learn to help others with this simple but profound way of guidance. From here we move into Sei-ki bodywork: developing connection and skilled touch to enable the deep letting go of old patterns of mind, emotion and body to recover yourself, your centre.


A peaceful mind

In surrender, your mind automatically clears itself, leaving you increasingly clear, quiet and peaceful.

Softer body

Surrender gives your body a venue to throw off tension and regain equilibrium. This will lead to more softness and flexibility.

Brightly awake

Do you feel weary? Surrender is wonderful to regain energy. The will rested, you return to daily life sharper and clearer.


As you regain sensitivity and sharpen your appetites, pleasure and joy in all aspects of life comes back to you.

Power and Energy

As you get better sleep and awaken life as it flows in you, your power and energy can begin to flow smoothly once more.


Rediscover your original sensitivity and be part of the fabric of life rather than aloof observers. With more sensitivity you are more in flow.

Fully in Life

Inviting life – rather than doing life. You will find your senses more awake and vivid, being in charge of living life itself.

Better Focus

With surrender you sharpen your focus and refocus on what you really want; seeing a path through the trees is extremely empowering.

Start practising today

Now is always the best time. Our free video course is the perfect introduction to Surrenderwork. Try it out. If you like it, you can continue for yourself with this material or take a more intense approach and join our 8-week Surrender Project.

We are bringing this to the world because we think it is the single most effective practice to heal and empower yourself and take full responsibility for your life.

So you want to go deeper?

We offer a variety of possibilities to learn and practise in Surrenderwork. You can access our video courses and live classes and learn from home or join us for an intense live experience in a workshop.

Video Course

Surrenderwork is a personal practice you can do solo to develop your sensitivity. The Surrender Project video course takes you through 8 weeks with instructions, talks, discussions and recommendations to set you up in your practice. Once you have booked, you will have access to the Surrender Project chat and can find live support through Surrenderwork’s weekly, international online practice group.

Live workshops

Want to go even deeper? Then partner-assisted Surrenderwork may be for you. At live events and workshops you will be instructed and supervised to work with a partner and take turns holding the space  and using simple, unobtrusive touch. This is Sei-ki, a profound bodywork rooted in mindfulness, it focuses on simple human connection and touch. This enables the deep letting go of old patterns of mind, emotion and body. Each partner acting as a mirror to the other, the experience deepens as sensitivity wakens. We are brought into the embodied present with Sei-ki safe-hands.  


I experience this wonderful feeling of allowing myself to trust. In the treatment there is resonance and it doesn’t matter anymore that there is two of us. I feel a deep connection. For me Sei-ki has always been a permission to be curious and to allow myself to follow this curiosity. It's a very natural curiosity about wanting to be in this world in this present moment. 

Alexandra, Austria

I follow my inner feeling and my body starts to show me, how and where it wants to be stretched. And this just happens and evolves. And then it feels so great, when it goes out of my body. The tension leaves me. I am not so tight anymore. My temper is better, my digestion is better. It feels so good. 

Elisabeth, Austria