“With Surrenderwork you can tap into flow and uncover, what you really want”

I experience this wonderful feeling of allowing myself to trust. I enjoy the resonance with my inner movement, even though sometimes katsugen [surrender practice] takes me to unknown places within. For me, it’s a permission to be curious and to follow my curiosity. It’s a very natural curiosity about wanting to be in this world in this present moment. 

Alexandra, Austria

There is this deep listening like when you play music with other musicians and you hear the sounds and you very naturally find the right timing and come to harmony. You find the place, where you really meet. In Sei-ki you are meeting the other person with a resonance in silence. The deep listening creates the space for healing. And you really don’t do much – and it is the not-doing, where the healing occurs. When I first felt that, it really sucked me in and there was a great feeling of joy. The response from the other person was extraordinary. 

Karen, USA

It helps to be able to communicate with people without all the general noise that is usually there. We first become really quiet in connection with each other. From there we discover things that we weren’t aware existed. They just appear. It is not necessary to come up with an idea on how to fix people. The expertise in Sei-ki is to be able to offer a pure space, where the other person can unfold and meet him- or herself and make things happen for themselves.   

Snezhana, UK

I love that there is no way to do this ‘wrong’.  I have more freedom to express myself, on my instrument and in life. There is a strong sense of support, which amazed me, given the  on line nature of the sessions.  

Phil, Scotland

It is a great surprise to me what I am experiencing. When I am treated with Sei-ki it as almost like loosing consciousness. Like Lying in a cloud. And when I come back I feel so free and wide and true. When I give Sei-ki I become one with the other person. Two people become one person and one becomes no person. Fantastic. In Sei-ki I stop thinking and suddenly it is going, it comes from inside – Flow. 

Wolfgang, Germany

I follow my inner feeling and my body starts to show me, how and where it wants to be stretched. And this just happens and evolves. And then it feels so great, when it goes out of my body. The tension leaves me. I am not so tight anymore. My temper is better, my digestion is better. It feels so good. 

Elisabeth, Austria

Through this work I feel deep trust into the unknown. Trust and wisdom are in the same space. And there is truth. So I reach truth through this work. And allowing this all to happen, for me creates the path. 

Donna, USA

Katsugen really got me to reclaim my life. I started to do art and music again, an almost forgotten passion. It was through some of the natural movement that came, that I started painting again. I now feel like I’m living for my own life, not for some external goal. I am so deeply grateful for that and am so much more in harmony with the people around me. There is much more ease, in a way. 

Nathan, USA

It is about how I am. This is where it begins for me. If I am clean enough, if I am calm enough, if I am present enough, then I can give my answers to my essential questions. Sei-ki brought for me reconciliation with life. Connection with natural laws, the laws of the universe. And it is through discipline and surrender, which I started to love.  

Panayiota, Greece

I’m just with me and it feels like being part of everything. Nothing is right or wrong, nothing too important. So I can be in the flow of whatever is coming.
Maria, Germany

Following surrender practice I slept last night for nearly seven hours without getting up due to back pain. I haven’t done that in a really long time. I’m so grateful for the introduction to this practice 🙏

Pam, UK

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