“Surrenderwork is like meditation, but it’s playful, unserious and easy. Nothing to do really. Things happen and you’ll be surprised.”

Breathing again

“When, as soon as someone spreads his wings, he injures them, it is because he is in a cage.  To spread your wings is life’s demand.  So long as they remain shrunken, without spreading their wings, human beings do not become strong.  Breathe expansively and get out of the cage that hinders you from doing so. Throw off the weight of duty and act buoyantly. This is what cultivating life is.” 


Awakening Your Original Self

Develop greater consciousness and sensitivity.
Be more in life and feel the texture of life.
Be here. Be now. Be effortless.
Surrender to the moment.

Develop inner clarity and recenter.
Increasingly act from silent knowledge.
Give space for your true self to shine.
Breathe and enjoy.

Deepen your relationship to yourself and others.
Connect to your wisdom and intuition.
Release tension and be free.
Be yourself.


The Course

What is it?

You will be guided in exercises that promote surrender. Inspiration comes from Noguchi’s Seitai, informed by Kishi’s Sei-ki and from the combined experience of Alice and René. Surrender cannot be taught, but can be experienced.Through a basic structure, which gathers momentum, you will be introduced to an empty form into which spontaneity can arise as we let go into flow. By the end, you will have a good grounding in practice and know enough to continue. You will be supported by recorded instructions, chats and live discussions throughout. 

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who longs to restore mind, body and emotions to their original freshness and order. For anyone who feels numbed, frustrated or constricted by the way they have been living and wishes to regain openness, buoyancy and flexibility. For anyone who has become stuffy, tight and joyless who would love to recover creativity and serenity. 

How much time will you invest?

In the first weeks you will be practicing about 20 minutes, 5 times a week. Later on we will increase the time spent practicing, but you can always adjust to your needs.

How much does it cost?

The total Surrender Project costs you €127,- and a fair amount of personal motivation to come home to yourself.

8 weeks – 8 themes



What is in this course? You will have access to videos, talks and community. Each week, you will get new videos with new content. You can use the comment area to connect with others and share your experience and insights. You can connect, live, to the international surrender community through our live Wednesday online practice. Alice and René will always be available for questions in written form and during the Zoom live practice.

How do I access this course? Click here to go to the payment site. Once payment is made, you will receive a link for the course. You can access the course through your internet browser. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet, internet connection and a place to practice, undisturbed.

Do I have to be there for certain times? The course videos are released for streaming week by week. You then can access them whenever you like. Once the videos are released for you, you can access them forever.

Can I download the videos? The course requires broadband internet connection. The videos can only be streamed.

Do I have access to the content after the course finished? Yes, you will have lifetime access to all content of the course.

Can I take part in the course, when I am on vacation, or can I start later? Yes, you can start the course whenever you like and continue the course wherever you are. You can also pause and come back to it or extend it to suit your life commitments or take a break.

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I experience this wonderful feeling of allowing myself to trust. In the treatment there is resonance and it doesn’t matter anymore that there is two of us. I feel a deep connection. For me Sei-ki has always been a permission to be curious and to allow myself to follow this curiosity. It's a very natural curiosity about wanting to be in this world in this present moment. 

Alexandra, Austria

I follow my inner feeling and my body starts to show me, how and where it wants to be stretched. And this just happens and evolves. And then it feels so great, when it goes out of my body. The tension leaves me. I am not so tight anymore. My temper is better, my digestion is better. It feels so good. 

Elisabeth, Austria