“You will be more present, more alive. Colors are brighter and the world becomes friendlier.”

The Surrender Practice Mini-Course is an introduction to the practice and will accompany your first steps into the experience of surrender. 

The course consists of three parts

1. Introduction – giving you an idea of what to expect

2. The Basic Exercises – to prepare for Surrender Practice

3. The Practice of Surrender – a guide through this short practice 

So put aside about one hour to go through the three videos. You will love it. Enjoy the practice and let us know what you think.

The Surrender Project is our fully-fledged 8 week programme. You will be guided through an intense, rich, process, giving your true self the space to start stepping forward.

This course is for anyone who longs to restore mind, body and emotions to original freshness and order; for anyone numbed, frustrated or constricted by the way they have been living and wishes to regain openness, buoyancy and flexibility; for anyone who has become stuffy, tight and joyless who would love to recover creativity and serenity. 

Let yourself be carried to new dimension. Even better: carry yourself. Because, right from the start, this is about coming into your power and taking responsibility for how you are in life.